The Importance of an Education

If you take a look back on the entire world, there is one thing over the time of our existence that has never changed, that is the constant need to grow.

How we grow is through duplicating our brain cells, in order to do this we need to learn and be given the freedom to build our own thoughts and opinions.

This is the importance of school, yes, learning and education will help you get a good grade, which will help you get a good job and provide you a good life but, that is only a small fragment of the reason that it is so vital to our existence.

If we stop learning, we stop production, if you look back on our history as a race, we have never had a perfect society and perhaps we never will but, it has only improved over time.

We need to keep this pattern going, whether you are learning about cooking or science, knowledge is power.

The more you know, the more you are a well rounded person, the better morals you have, the more respect you have for yourself and others, not to mention it also makes you have stronger connections and feelings for other people because you are able to understand from their side rather than only being able to see yours.

We have the capacity to learn every single day, in fact, that is the whole reason we exist, to evolve through the time frames of the life cycle whether you are street smart or book smart, intelligence is still something you have.

Not only does it allow our brains to become hungry to constantly learn more once we start but, it gives us the ability to communicate with one another, to make the world a better place, to fight battles for people who are unable to; it allows us to think of new inventions and art work that not only expands our minds into others but, it helps us view the world in a different manner, one that makes us softer to the ugliness of the people around us and bring it to a halt in some form or another.

Education does not always have to do with being the smartest person in the room, or knowing everything about everything, sometimes all it means is that you are able to take what you do know and even if it allows you to help one single person, then you are transferring your brain waves to the rest of the world.

Everything that we see around us at one point was nothing more than just a mere thought that was born along the structure of our minds, which was born from knowledge, we need to educate ourselves not just for money but, to continue the grow of our world and come closer every single day to making this world a beautiful place for all of us to share together.

Knowledge is one of the strongest weapons you will ever carry by your side and is one that you should never stop expanding on because it will never fail you as humans, the only thing we fear is the unknown.