The Lack of Women in the Workforce

If you have a job that is outside of yourself or the house, then you will know first hand that we have a severe lack of women environment, a lot of people find themselves to see this as normal, while others see it as something more disrespectful.

Not having a large amount of women in a job is not uncommon, in fact, more women are pushing to be their own boss, in side of the comfort of their own home due to the unfair treatment that they receive when they are working under someone else.

For a woman, it is really hard to be promoted to a fair placement in any work field, unless it is one that they are used to show off their body in a way of making money.

Most company do not want a woman in charge, feeling that they are unfit to be in charge of a large group of people due to their mood swings, monthly cycles and other traits that are found in the woman’s brain that makes other feel that they are ‘unfit’ to be in a strong leadership position.

It is nothing new that women are always put second to men, in fact, it has been around longer than the statement of equal placement in the work place.

Does this mean that it is fair?

No, definitely not, women are still having to fit for position and payment that is equal to that of a man, it is something that should not be done or continue to be fueled by the flame of men but, unfortunately there is nothing that we can do about it at this current time.

As life continues on, eventually women will be placed in higher rankings in the work place and no longer feel like they should be forced to sit at home and do the work around the house and tend to the children but, until the women themselves realize that they are adding to the flame, nothing will change.

Most of the reason that women are treated the way they are is because they allow men to treat them like they are in need of help or they are unable to do things, using their bodies to get things they want.

Even though this should have nothing to do with women as a whole, it is a stereotype that is wide spread throughout the world and it is something that needs to be changed, women are capable of doing anything that a man can do, this is nothing new.

Women just need to make sure that they apply this same principle to all aspects of their lives, not just for things that they are currently wanting in the moment.

Women are starting to take a stand, allowing themselves to grow and spread the placement of women all across the world, it is not going to be an easy fight and they have a long way yet to go, thankfully they are starting now and they are beginning to break through the ceiling of the work place.