How Religion Can Inhibit the Education of Women

When you live in a country like America, you are probably raised in a way that you will have the chance to an education as a female, unless you are in a religion like Catholic, where they want you to stay inside of the church under their laws of school and college, where you will only be influenced by what they want you to learn so you do not know that there are things outside of your religion, making you want to stay.

The same thing happens in third world countries, they trick the women into thinking that marriage is the only way they will be able to survive and have a good financial life, making sure that you do not go out to a different country, because theirs will lose value if people keep leaving.

Now admittedly, there are plenty of other reasons why women (and children in general) aren’t able to get an education, but most of those reasons are simply  due to poor living conditions or other uncontrollable factors. With that backdrop in mind, one can surely see how having a woman’s own country keep her from getting an education is just plain wrong!

It all has to do with the flow of how the world works. From a small age, they pound into women’s heads that they are uneducated and that they cannot further their education beyond what the country allows, thus, making them believe that this is to be true simply because of a money benefit to their homeland.

In some countries, they will not allow women to get an education as a form of control, making themselves feel better about themselves in a way to control uprises in the community, if you are convinced that you need to listen to someone else in order to survive and you do not have a mind of your own, you will not act out against the ruler or the laws that are set in place.

Most countries, including the United States, think that women are the easiest to manipulate and control, even though this is not true as women have a more dynamic mind then men, they assume that if you hold women back, you are preventing the world from growing at a rapid pace.

The world has to be held in some form of a chaos at all times, to make other countries fearful of their choices in an order to prevent attacks and wars from brewing, women think differently than men that they would rather deal with situations in a less violent way, which is why they do not want women to know their true power that they hold over the world.

Think about it, the world could no continue on without women, if women around the world banned together and all went on a strike to no longer reproduce, within fifty years, the population would come to a complete end.

Women alone could destroy the world as we know it, that is why none of the countries from a religious stand point want you to know of your true power and they use the words of your religion to scare you into following them so you are not scared of going to hell.

The entire foundation of the world we live in is based off one main principle, fear and that is why women are treated so poorly, because women are convinced they are weak and helpless and they are not good enough to deserve an education, which is not true, the truth is that these men are really scared of your true strength and what would happen if you were to ever realize it.