The Outdated Female Stereotype

For far too long women have been seen as stupid, helpless, only wanting to have children and work around the house making sure that the please a man.

Welcome to the year 2020, here is what women are really after.

A stable job, yes, women want to be successful, they want to be able to support themselves, they want to be able to buy themselves nice things and no, they are not looking for a man to support all of their habits, they want to be able to do it themselves.

Women love being mothers, but that is not the only thing that they want. They want to travel and experience life, they want to have a well-rounded life that includes being able to have fun and yet being able to keep up with daily responsibilities, after all, this is what woman are best known for, being able to create a balanced life.

Women are just as into sex as men, contrary to what so many people think. And women are just as turned on as men are and yes, this means 24/7 – the only difference is women only go after people who seem interested in them (and yes, they know how to take no for an answer). Plus, they recognize the immense value of sex toys when it comes to their sex lives, evidenced by numerous female-led sex toy companies such as Blissful Cherry, and they actually embrace using said sex toys to their hearts content (unlike their male counterparts).

Women are very smart and good with knowing how to fix things, so it’s not like men think that they are completely helpless, but think about this, why would a woman have to get all dirty and change their own tire when they know that if they stand on the side of the road long enough with a confused look on her face that eventually a man will stop to help them for free and the job will still get done – talk about working smarter not harder!

Women are not stupid, they just know how to use their beautiful bodies and good looks to get things done without having to put in all the time and work. Just think about that for a second.

Take strip clubs for example, those girls make an upwards of one hundred thousand dollars a year easily, just for simply dancing on a stage, using their bodies to make money, most people think that this is dumb or disrespectful but, in all honesty it is really smart and how a lot of young, beautiful women pay for college efficiently rather than being in debt their whole lives.

Women, just as everyone else would love to have someone that is completely theirs but, marriage is not everything to them, in fact, some women really enjoy being single, it is less trouble and drama, making their lives being able to be solely focused around things that truly matter like family, friends and their career.

Women have a reputation for not having anything that is worth being on her own, this is simply just not true.

Women do not need men, they want them and there is a huge difference between wanting and needing, the stereotype of women needs to change, this generations daughters need to be self-sufficient, strong and independent women that have always been here but, were put in a position that made them unable to show their true colors of strength.