What Is Sexism?

If you are a woman, more than likely at some point or another you have been subject to this discrimination.

It is the shame placed on a woman by one or more men for no other reason that the fact that she is a woman.

Now, this can come into play in many different forms, here are a few examples.

1) Rape is the woman’s fault.

When someone tells you that they have been raped and they are a woman, the first thing that you think is, what were you wearing or what do you do to make them think that you wanted them?

The question never falls onto the man to ask, well, what is wrong with him or why did he not take no for an answer.

Men think that they have a right to have sex with you even if you are against it simply because of the way you act, dress or talk.

2) This is no place for a woman.

This is something that so many people think is true that women should not be mechanics, race car drivers, construction workers, train crew members, police officers, etc.

And, there is no reason that they think this other than the simple fact that they are women, it is nothing to do with doing a good job or risking their life or any thing other than the fact that she is in a different body structure.

3) Whore/Slut or better known as sex shaming.

This is a HUGE point of sexism that ALMOST EVERY woman has faced at one point or another in her life.

What this is, is when a man for example sleeps with a handful of women and the next day he tells his friends about the experience, they all think that he is really cool and will erupt in giving him high-fives, patting him on the back, they would even go as far as buying him a round of drinks because of this behavior.

Now, across the room, a woman is sitting with a group of her friends and she tells them that she had slept with a handful of men last night, her group will be more quiet when they congratulate her, doing it in a way that others will not be able to hear, even though on the other side of the bar, a group of men are vocally celebrating the same situation.

If a man, were to walk by from the group of guys that were celebrating and over heard that the woman was involved in the same activity last night, they would begin to shame her, informing her that she is a slut, a whore and probably has a lot of STDs now.

There is no difference between how much men and women both like sex but, it is only okay when men sleep around because they are men.

This behavior is nothing new and it is something that women have to deal with on a daily basis, it has gotten better when you look back to the current time but, there is still a long road ahead for women when it comes to sexism.